For a long time now, tourists and locals have found Goa a very popular place to visit and a lot of people have flocked this place for many decades now. Goa has been an ideal stopping place for holiday makers and it is surprising how this place has remained vibrant all these many years! Clubs, great beach parties, and fascinating music scenes have made Goa a darling for many people all over the world. We tried to find out some of the unique features that this place offer, and what people find so attractive in this place.Read on and find out why Goa is the perfect place to be for night life.

Goa the place

Baga beach:

Baga beach is a fascinating beach in Goa that people find very attractive.This beach offers a variety of lively night sessions to meet the various reveler’s needs and taste.If you are that person whose interest is in the music sector, then your place is in the clubbing area, which is usually located along Tito Road in Baga beach.At this place, you will find a cluster of pubs, shops and very numerous restaurants for your taking! In Tito Road, you will meet up with a lot of tourists, who are usually here for cocktails and who are here for romantic holidays.On weekends, this place will flock with people, especially Indians from surrounding states.

Anjuna beach:

Start your day by listening to some relaxing music at Anjuna beach.As the night approaches, the initially quiet place changes as people occupy the dancing floors as they dance the night out to some amazing, out of this world music.At Anjuna beach, you don’t need to walk out or sleep hungry as women selling all that you require for the night are available in plenty.Chocolate, tea or even coffee are there for you to buy from these women. For smokers, you don’t need to move anywhere as these women also sell cigarettes and cigars.In short, Anjuna beach doesn’t only offer music and fun, but it takes care of your any other need that may arise as the partying goes on.

Vagator beach:

Hill Top is located on Vagator Beach.This is the ideal place to be especially on Sundays.The parties here starts at 5 pm and it is something you could never wish to miss.Here, music is served in plenty with some of the best DJs in the world taking over the floor.Vagator beach offers you an ideal opportunity to dance at the open terraces on your way to the major clubs where you experience night long partying.


Don’t leave Goa before you have paid a visit to Cubana club, otherwise, your story will never be complete.Cubana club is located Baga and the Anjuna, both in Arpora hill.Cubana club, nicknamed as the club in the sky is located on a hill. Its location offers revelers an opportunity to watch at the picturesque views and offers an ideal environment as cool air and breeze flow by.Cubana club is an ideal place to be especially on Wednesdays as you get to experience an ideal ladies night.On this night, entry is made free for the girls while the men enjoy a limitless round of drinks after paying the entry free.

Goa, as you can see above, offers an ideal partying environment and it is the perfect place to be for a night life!