If you are one person who likes traveling and adventure, Carmargue in the southern parts of France is a great location to visit. With a sparse population, the region is a wonderful place to visit especially if you prefer wildlife activities and acts such as bull fighting. The weather there is conducive for traveling at any time of the year with various events taking place all year round. In this article, we will provide you with some random facts about this region with the hope that it will be useful to you.

Camargue In France

What are the facts about Camargue?

Here are some five facts you need to know about Camargue:

There are natural parks to visit:

Immediately you walk into this park, you will notice a large designated biosphere reserve by UNESCO. While you can visit this place at any time of the year, autumn provides the best timing because you will get the chance to view the migrating birds. From history, many people across Europe travel to this place in order to experience this magical event. What is more is that the rare pink flamingos grace the park’s shallow waters and you can share in the magic too.

Horse riding:

The white horses available in this area play a huge role in attracting tourists too. While the pink flamingoes represent the birds, the Camargue white horses represent the animals. Tourists flock this area for the purposes of riding these oldest breeds of horses. The rates of riding these horses are cheap. Bearing in mind that these are not any other breed of horses, we suggest you grab every opportunity you have to experience this.

Bull fights and bull runs:

Away from the pink flamingoes and the white horses, Carmargue is also a host for bullfights and bull runs. However, the bullfights here are different from what Spain has to offer. In these, the bulls fight men dressed in white making it a bull- fight quite literally. The main aim of the men is to get the trophies mostly put between the bull’s horns. This is a very exciting event.

Get a taste of the salt and rice:

Apart from the wild animals and the bullfights, Camargue is famous for the production of rice and salt. Here, you will witness hectares of rice. The rice paddies and marshes are an amazing place for sightseeing.

Aigues Mortes:

Still, in the Camargue region, you can skip all the sightseeing, bullfighting and pink flamingoes just to visit the great wall of Aigues Mortes. Here, you will see the part that was the Mediterranean port. It is said that the Crusaders set out from this place. If you love history, this is a place for you


While in France and you know not where to visit, Camargue is a great place. There is something for everyone. You can sight see, attend bullfighting events, watch the pink flamingoes or watch the birds migrate. As a tourist, you will be spoilt for options.